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Touro College Graduate School of Technology



With students with ultramodern technology training remaining in high demand, Touro College Graduate School of Technology is proud to say it is educating tomorrow’s technology leaders today. As technology is globalizing becoming less concentrated at the same time, managers and domestic leadership positions are a top priority for big business. TCGST is preparing students who are in a quest to find a successful career in both educational and information technology, design, communications, and data analytics with their three industry-driven Master's degree programs that are rewarding critical skills to manage complex information and communications systems, which is even more vital. Their professors, who have experienced years of hands-on experience and real-world knowledge, are accompanying students who are learning from the most proficient and fit instructors of the craft and sharing a comprehensive and engaging curriculum in both the classroom and online. Students from all over the world and of all ages who attend Touro are all looking to succeed in their common goals to get the best possible education, find a promising professional career, and achieving this all while being in an environment that respects and reinforce their backgrounds and mentality.

School Details

  • Master of Science in Information System

  • Master of Arts Web & Multimedia Design

  • Master of Science in instructional Technology

  • Basic Studio Art

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