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    263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA, 01109
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    Springfield College
Springfield College is all about an interactive and absorbed learning experience, including courses and events that make a world of a difference for their students and aspiring professionals. This is because Springfield’s education and student adventures are really metamorphic and life-changing, being spiritually, emotionally, and physically academic due to their strong commitment to the age-old Greek ideology of the Humanics philosophy which calls for touching on these three aspects of people’s lives so that they can provide leadership services to others. They represent this idea with a triangle, which are spread around campus as a symbol of their belief. The education is supported by students helping each other and fulfilling their expectations for themselves, granting them the life and career they deserve. Springfield’s story isn't something they believe should just be told, as they believed it was worth being shown, and lived. Since 1885, this school has made a difference to thousands of lives. They’re focal point is on helping students establish their entire person into a leader for their communities, the organizations they were a part of, companies they work for, and wherever life takes them next. All this is being achieved not all by books, but also student’s bodies, attitudes, and emotions towards themselves, the people around them, their opportunities, and their future using balance. Seems Springfield College’s principles show effective.

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  • Business

  • Sports Management

  • Athletic Training

  • Psychology

  • Occupational therapy

  • Health Science

  • Criminal Justice

  • Biology

  • Computer Graphics & Digital Arts

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