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    1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY, 14222
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    SUNY Buffalo State
SUNY Buffalo State has a mission to bring to the light the potential of its pupils to succeed and to inspire a continuing passion for learning with its diverse and all-embracing environment, helping lead to educational, personal, and professional growth of its students, faculty, staff, and even alumni. Buffalo will be a nationally sanctioned ruler in public higher education . Known for its nurturing and meticulous environment where lives are transformed by education, their academic and innovative accomplishments of everyone involved including faculty, staff, students, and alumni, and its community filled with such a diverse and culturally motivated and accepting society in pursuit of developing leaders for an increasingly global civilization. With a variety of other extra-curricular activities, such as 11 sports to play, exploring the Great Lakes, pep rallies, and multiple clubs and events to be a part of, you’ll never grow tired of being at Buffalo’s campus. Leadership being one of the many core values at Buffalo, these programs teach students how to develop their talents, interests and passions, how to improve academic performance, create broader perspectives, to take advantage of social opportunities, learn essential life skills, builds higher self-esteem, and makes each break in between classes productive. Buffalo educates close to 10,000 students each year, including both undergraduates and graduates, fueling the rich and strong community full of people dealing with similar things and willing to help you the best they could. You won’t want to leave SUNY Buffalo State soon after stepping through the front doors.

School Details

  • Nursing

  • Museum study

  • Metal / Jewelry

  • Media production

  • Music

  • Mechanical engineering technology

  • Law

  • Journalism

  • Interior design research

  • Hospitality administration

  • Graphic design

  • Film research

  • Fashion and textile technology

  • Drafting technology of interior design

  • Digital music production

  • Nutrition Education Program

  • Design

  • Criminal justice

  • Computer information system

  • Business Administration

  • Art・Art therapy

  • Apparel production and pattern formation

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