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Princeton Review ranks Sacred Heart University 10th on its 2020 "Happiest Students" listing. Sacred Heart is also known for being named one of America's top colleges by Forbes and #1 Hidden Gem University in New England and awarded College of Distinction for 2019-2020. All these numbers, rankings, and awards might not mean anything to a prospective student at first glance, but it’s the reason Sacred Heart University was given these titles that is truly important, and something to better experience than explain. Their mission statement, “Sacred Heart University, rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition and the liberal arts, embraces a vision for social justice and educates students in mind, body and spirit to prepare them personally and professionally to make a difference in the global community”, and their consistent work in proving their passion through their student’s success and satisfaction shows how much heart is put into every lecture, meeting, event, and organization. Their vision statement, “Sacred Heart University aspires to achieve prominence through innovative teaching and learning while cultivating a campus community that is recognized as caring and creative”, is the declaration that confirms their academic excellence. SHU”s principles are preservation, transmission, and development of the Catholic intellectual and liberal arts traditions, commitment to excellence in all that they do, pursuit of truth and knowledge as intrinsically valuable through teaching and scholarships, promotion of the common good of society, and recognition of the dignity and worth of every human being. These values are a long term belief system in SHU and maneuver their operating methods and systems, enterprise procedures, and cultural standard.

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