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    New York Film Academy
People as individuals, communities of all kinds, and entire nations express their most thoughtful and thorough visions of humankind to the world through film. The New York Film Academy believes in the art form of moving imagery being the most significant media of its time. While mediums like animation and videogames are not only evolving and growing but creating new platforms for specialists and professionals to express themselves, the courses have proved to reflect these progressions in the visual arts. NYFA has workshops filled with intensity and high energy. Each workshop ranges from screenwriting to producing for film and television to documentary filmmaking. With an emphasis on hands-on learning and inspiring creativity while understanding the workplace, students who attend the workshops eat, drink, and breathe filmmaking, acting, or photography from the day they step foot in the room. The instructors in these workshops equip students with the hard facts they need to commence the development of evolving creative, thought provoking, and entertaining work. This course is not for the lifeless, uninvolved, static, or inactive type of person. Taking an active role in every facet of the courses and workshops is expected for someone attending the Academy because students write, direct, shoot and edit their own short films, create their own video games, or design their own animated characters. This gives students all the creative freedom and liberty to do whatever they’d like, opening up their most imaginative nooks and crannies of their brains, while also receiving aid from instructors and staff to perfect their final pieces.

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  • Acting for Film

  • 3D Animation

  • Filmmaking

  • Musical Theatre

  • Game writing &Design

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