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International students already face enough struggles navigating through career development experiences, especially being in a land they've never been in before. The CCPD (Center for Continuing Professional Development) is dedicated to aid the Pratt Institute’s international students by outlining programs and support after recognizing this struggle. Pratt encourages all international students to be educated about the OIA (Office of International Affairs) and urges that students be in contact with them with any problems pertaining to their status as a pupil. The CCPD regularly partners with the OIA to bring information resources, the student's particular needs in mind. Providing expert information on the wide variety of work authorization. This is included, but not limited to options for paid internships while attending school. Career advisors are not only helpful with career strategies, but can assist you in your professional goals. Helping you with developing resumes and cover letters, conducting mock interviews that give you a feel for the industry you’re working hard to be a part of, advising job seekers for utilizing your resources, and answering your CPT, OPT, H1B, and artist visa questions is what the advisors at Pratt are there for, and are gladly welcoming all inquiries with open arms and minds. Available for all Pratt students and alumni is an online database (Pratt Pro) of professional job and internships, whether they be freelance, full-time, part-time, temporary, and volunteering positions. Every year, employers post over 7, 000 available positions. Another annual event is when dozens of companies, such as Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Perkins Eastman, Adidas, and Chronicle Books, pay a visit to Pratt Institute to recruit talented pupils, who many times happen to be international students and graduates. However, you don't need to wait each year to have an opportunity to be in the professional world. The CCPD hosts over 100 events every year alone. International students and alumni can attend all of these events free of charge, and with each event being designed to educate and inspire dedicated professional nourishment, give them opportunities to be alongside industry trends, and help each individual acquire new and already existing career development skills that they’ve learned in the prior years, there are hundreds of opportunities to better yourself and possibly live your dream job before even graduating. Internship Orientation sessions provide information concerning Pratt’s internship programs and talk about courses for credit and class structure, important contacts for each department, registering for internship classes, and intern rights as well as labor laws, and these sessions are offered throughout the entirety of the school year. Attending Pratt is a sure-fire way to get to your career goals.

School Details

  • Art And Design Education B.F.A.

  • Digital Arts B.F.A.

  • Digital Arts B.F.A.

  • Film B.F.A.

  • Fine Arts B.F.A.

  • Photography B.F.A.

  • Graphic Design/Illustration A.A.S.

  • Painting/Drawing A.A.S.

  • Game Design and Interactive Media A.O.S.

  • Graphic Design A.O.S.

  • Illustration A.O.S.

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