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St. Giles

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    330 5th Avenue, 7 Floor, New York, NY, 10001
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    St. Giles
Students learning at St. Giles are not only attending a language school on the block of Fifth Avenue, trailed by attractively refurbished art decorated offices in the heart of Manhattan, they are also learning the most spoken language in the world in a fantastic place to meet new friends, learn what it's like living with people from different cultural backgrounds, and most importantly feel at home. At St. Giles, you get flexible programs that are designed for different ages, abilities, and objectives and gain exciting, fast-paced, and personal learning experiences so you know that you’re a priority as soon as you walk through the front door. The St. Giles Mission Statement, which is stated as more of a promise, is “to provide high quality courses for international students and trainee teachers in a positive and inclusive learner-centered environment, focusing on the students’ real and practical aspirations”. With 65 years of experience, helping students jump through hurdles, whether they have to do with the course studies or an outside force affecting your abilities, became something ordinary. So much so that it has become a commitment to aid students during their lowest points during their language learning journey, which includes different obstacles for everybody. St. Giles demonstrated their substantial growth and was recognized by Her Majesty the Queen in The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, 2015, and received the Sunday Times International Track 200 Award. Leading by example, St. Giles is passionate about teaching compassion, tolerance, awareness, and acceptance of different cultures, knowing how truly valuable it is to stay in touch with your background, while also improving yourself linguistically.

School Details

Number of Students 430
Accept Age 16, 21 for Platinum Courses
Facilities Free WiFi, Student Computers, Bookshop, Student Café, Self-Access Centre, Interactive Whiteboards, Platinum Centre (for Executives)

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