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Kaplan International, New York Central Park

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Going to school just minutes away from a location so near and dear to one of the most iconic cities in the world sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime. That opportunity is yours when you go to Kaplan International Languages' Central Park English school. While being situated near the electric energy of Times Square, right in the heart of Manhattan, Kaplan manages to really link that electricity with their cutting-edge learning technology. The walls and windows overlook Central Park and the city, reminding you of the beautiful surroundings and environment you're in. Sometimes learning something for the first time may be overwhelming, especially if the classes are filled with students that are younger than you who may require a different approach in learning with entertaining and lively atmospheres, or maybe you want to focus on more professional topics. Kaplan understands that people above a certain age want to take things more seriously and require extra attention. That's exactly why Kaplan's 30+ program provides English classes and experiences for those over 30. This program is designed for career-driven learners, helping them enjoy social activities with other 30+ students while attending networking events and extra academic clinics. Regardless of your age, you get to start at any level, as Kaplan makes sure you get the English class you need to meet your goals.

School Details

Number of Students 257
Accept Age 16
Facilities Interactive White Boards, Lounge, Free WiFi, Computer Lab, Transportation

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