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    26 Broadway, Room 1101, New York, NY 10004
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    Manhattan Language
Manhattan Language provides high quality, versatile, and arguably most importantly, affordable language programs that are designed to help you reach your goals as fast as possible whether it be for a job, school, or your own personal benefit. All English teachers are professionally university-trained and carefully chosen individuals who believe that making the classroom a fun and interesting environment is just as much of a priority as making sure the student is learning as much as they can. Orientations, counseling, and fun activities around the city are provided by the Manhattan Language staff who are trained to offer a high level of personal attention and care. Manhattan Language has partnerships with many colleges and universities such as Mercy College, Berkeley College, Full Sail University, Hult International Business School, King's College, and many more that offer nothing but conditional acceptance to Manhattan Language students. The Communicative Approach is used from the very first day of class which makes classes more lively and focused on real communication, making learning the English language a rewarding, lively, interactive, and joyful experience. Manhattan Language offers 8 levels of programs so that finding a class that's right for your need to improve speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar doesn't need to be a concern anymore. Manhattan Language also provide many activities for students outside the classroom, such as weekly culture activities that can help them make new friends and practice English even when they're not studying.

School Details

Number of Students 90
Accept Age 16+, 15+ During the Summer
Facilities Lounge with Refrigerator, Kitchen with Coffee and Snacks, and Free Wi-Fi
Certificate University Pathways

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