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Amlotus, LLC, is a dedicated school, striving to guide students towards their cultural, linguistic, academic, and professional goals. To achieve this goal, Amlotus will provide high-quality English courses in the form of ESL, TOEFL classes, and tutoring in Language Arts, as well as ESL/EFL Teacher Training. All support and positivity is spread among the students along with teachers and staff, ensuring a motivational environment, as Amlotus recognizes the challenges and hurdles everybody must face when working towards their goals. It is for this reason that they encourage a variety of teaching styles, supported by modern technology, and real life experiences outside the classroom, meeting the needs of students with different learning styles. Not only did former students report their extreme satisfaction with Amlotus’s services, but the level of proficiency attained through the Intensive English Language Program has served them fully in their subsequent careers. If you’re yearning for success, Amlotus’s school motto to exercise Confidence, Persistence, and Patience.

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Accept Age 17
Facilities Lab, Computers

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