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    226 W 26th St, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10001
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    Oxford House College NY
Oxford House College was built on a foundation of English language teaching supremacy, not to mention training new English language teachers through their sister school, Teaching House. "To provide quality, innovative English education, which enables individuals to develop and fulfill their potential" being the mission statement for Oxford House College, they take pride in their students' results in being confident and receiving professional and effective language education that developed their success in finding the job they wanted after taking OHC's Business English Classes in the Executive English Program, going to school and studying what they are passionate about learning, or just being able to say that they learned a whole new language from scratch. At OHC, they make sure of this with their variety of programs, including the aforementioned Business English Classes, the common English Language Classes, summer camps for teens aspiring to master English at an early age, and for those eager to provide the same life-changing services that were given to them, there is Teaching House, which allows you to take a teacher training course at the University of Cambridge to become a qualified English teacher. The possibilities are only as limited as you let them to be, and having the opportunity to learn a new language in a popular, prime location would only become a reality if you make it to be.

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Accept Age 16, Under 16 May Study in Closed Groups/1-on-1
Facilities Study Room, Computer Lab, Free WiFi

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