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New York English Academy

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    80 Maiden Lane, 10th Floor, New York, NY, 10038
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    New York English Academy
New York English Academy, located in the Financial District in Manhattan, where New York City was created 400 years ago and persists to be the center of the Empire State’s strength, resilience, energy, diversity, and drive for years to come that draws people from all over the world, including students who wish to learn more about the rich American culture and the most spoken language in the world, English, fueling its magnetic force. Some of those students Depend on NYEA to receive world-class training in the English language in an environment filled with diversity, art, food, finance, and film industries. New York, already known for being one of the most popular places in the world to globally attract bright minds to reach success and fortune, is the perfect place to learn the West-Germanic language of English, and it has its very own English Academy for that, helping international students live their dreams that were sheathed behind the language barrier they studied at New York English Academy to break. 11 classrooms with only about 8-9 students in each one, you are sure to get the personal help and attention you need to become a fluent English speaker, sounding native to the country that you’re in. All NYEA teachers are native English speakers and are willing to bend over backwards to make sure you get to your professional, academic, and/or personal linguistic goals with comprehensive English Programs while staff provide out-of-class counseling to make sure the hurdles you face while studying are minimized to dust.

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Accept Age 16+
Facilities TV, Lounge, Elevator, Wheelchair Access, Computers, Free WiFi

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