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FLS International Saint Peter’s University

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FLS International at Saint Peter’s University Provides many academic programs for many ESL levels such as academic English, intensive English, executive business, general English, vacation English, and TOEFL preparation. If you’re looking for something a little more than just ESL classes and want to get a head start on the career that could possibly define your future and make your dreams come true, FLS’s Concurrent Enrollment option allows students to gain college credits. This means while you choose which English program you would like and choose the amount of English you would like to study, you could be paving the road to your professional life in doing what you love. ALso offering single individual lessons, students are encouraged to speak about their specific problems and weaknesses in learning the most spoken language in the world. FLS also offers different programs like English + Dance in one of the most popular dance studios in Manhattan, partnered with Exile Professional Gym, and the best part is students who enroll and attend FLS International Saint Peter’s University for 4+ weeks will receive five free dance lessons in this infamous studio. This school also offers the English + Volunteering program which offers ESL students ways to practice their newfound English skills they’ve learned while attending classes while becoming deeply involved in American society stepping forward at local charities and community service centers, perfecting their conversational English while helping others. You also have the opportunity to enjoy activities like going to Six Flags and DC for an overnight stay. If you’re worried about housing, the Britton House has got you covered, where you can enjoy apartment-styled living in a single person occupancy bedroom in a three story building near the Saint Peter’S University shuttle, providing free transportation through the area and to the PATH Station, which is the fastest way to get to New York City. There is also the option of a homestay which is a great way to experience American culture by living it through American families that are individually selected by FLS themselves, which will help you learn about the American daily life and participate in AMerican aspects and ways of living at home such as traditions and specific practices that give them a glimpse and some context of what society really consists of in America that most international visitors don’t have the opportunity to see.

School Details

Number of Students 200+
Accept Age 15+
Facilities Cafeteria, Library, Lounge, Garden, Gym, TV, Electronic Whiteboards

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