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The College of Mount Saint Vincent is home to the ELS English Language Center in Riverdale, with a stunning view overlooking the Hudson River. Students studying English classes in Riverdale are in a safe residential community, only 40 minutes away from the diverse culture, entertainment, tourist attractions, and business opportunities that are all just regular everyday things found in Manhattan. Enrolling in the Intensive ELS program means you can take selected courses at the College of Mount Saint Vincent through the University Certificate Program. This opportunity is very rare and things like this don't usually fall on your lap. The College Saint Vincent is a private, Catholic, co-educational college that focuses on liberal arts. It offers a variety of collegiate majors, varying from accounting to gender studies. With 70 acres of campus life to explore, joining clubs, volunteering, and meeting new students is just part of the fun. Studying in the United States, in a campus that has so much to offer, unlocks a vast myriad of opportunities and experiences for success for international students hoping to make their wildest dreams come true, getting rid of the language barrier that might be decreasing their confidence in their abilities to achieve greatness. ELS offers 12 proficiency levels, starting from beginner and ending with master. This along with placement testing will determine the level that best fits your needs. You have the potential to move up to the next level every four weeks by successfully meeting the level’s requirements. This encourages students to try harder and reach their goals quicker. The curriculum is outlined in a way to help students easily move to university studies and the course arrangement is constructed to aim attention on four specific sources of strength for academic achievement: Key Language Skills, which covers essential basic language skills, Key University Success Skills, focusing more on critical thinking public speaking, etc, Skills Enhancement Classes, dedicated to American idioms, film, culture, and current events, and Applied Learning, which allows you to practice conversing using real-world English with native English-speakers. There’s all this and so much more to offer at the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s ELS Language Center.

School Details

Number of Students 1,600+
Accept Age 18+
Facilities Basketball Court, Cafeteria, Handicapped Accessible, Computer Lab, Fitness Center, Gym, Library, Student Health Center, Free WiFi

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