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Campus Education 8th Ave

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    410 8th Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY, 10001
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    Campus Education 8th Ave
Students at any and every level of English proficiency have CAMPUS Education classes available, which cover all communication skills, emphasizing grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Even though groups meet in small and comfortable classrooms, all content is carefully tailored to suit the individual learner’s necessities, while still participating in activities to build confidence keeping their communicative objectives in mind. This school is the emerging leader in the newest and optimal methods in preparing for the TOEFL and iBT. Classes are instructed and outlined by the CAMPUS TOEFL Team, who are experienced and dedicated and use that passion to work together to ensure students’ success, providing extensive practice and feedback. Since opening their doors in 1999, CAMPUS Education has helped over 10,000 students from over 90 countries. This is easy because this school is filled with multi-lingual counselors so you have a small piece of home in school. Students who attend special sessions to improve their abilities in note taking, seminar discussions, academic testing, and presentation skills. Students are so satisfied with CAMPUS’s services, that their referrals are the school’s number one source of new applicants. Alumni move on to attend some of the best colleges, universities, and any form of higher education. While having a partnership with Felician University (The Franciscan University of New Jersey), CAMPUS offers its students admissions to leading colleges and universities, fitting what you want to achieve. Located across Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, CAMPUS Education is near many hot spots and easy to get to, being right in the heart of Manhattan. CAMPUS staff take students every month for a month, making friends seeing sights and tourist locations, and practicing English outside the classroom. Activities are considered just as important as any other method of learning and teaching.

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Number of Students 10 Per Class

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