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Brooklyn School of Languages

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    Any public park, or WeWork lounge space in New York.
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    Brooklyn School of Languages
As New York's largest borough, Brooklyn is filled with a wide variety of culture, with hundreds of languages being spoken there. English, though, is what unifies the people and the place as a whole. Not only does Brooklyn School of Languages have expert teachers who are skilled in using effective communicative methods to instruct, but they enhance the classroom conditions with state-of-the-art technology for the most ideal learning experience. You will achieve the knowledge and skill to gain the confidence you need to mix into the salad bowl of cultures and wonderful diversity by learning the language that bring us together in the very same place where you can appreciate the soil beyond just speculation. All the classes are student-centered and small in size so that teachers can communicate more personally and efficiently with their students. Teachers will guide and make sure all students become familiar with the realm of grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and pronunciation. While explaining and demonstrating these key principles to the English language, instructors will provide practical use of everything from conditional sentences to local and modern idioms. With classes focusing on the technicalities of the English language in the morning and switching to the practical side of the English language in the afternoon, it would be difficult to find a dull moment in the lessons, especially with the lively atmosphere all instructors promote.

School Details

Number of Students 70+
Accept Age 18+, 13-17 Junior Summer Camp
Facilities Any public park, or WeWork lounge space in New York.

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