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Springwood School

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High School

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    1814 Cherry Dr, Lanett, AL 36863
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In existence since 1970, Springwood school benefits from decade of success. This school has 49 tradition of excellence college preparatory education. An independent day and boarding school, Springwood provides a welcome home and strong college preparatory high school education to international students. Currently international students make up of the 20% of the high school students population. Students have enroll from 15 different countries. Each day on Springwood's campus, students come in contact with a multiple of strong academic instruction, technologies and resources, as well as numerous opportunities in athletics and fine and performing arts. This school is located in South of the U.S. on the boarder of Alabama and Georgia, an hour's drive from Atlanta international airport. Springwood provides ESL support and has a beautiful, wooded campus and is a safe environment for students.

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  • College preparatory class

  • ESL support

  • Advanced placement course

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