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    18 Goodfriend Dr, East Hampton, NY 11937
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Ross School is a private school in Long Island, New York. This school is unique and opent for international students and having half of the current students are international students. Grades 1 to 12 and Grade 6 are Lower Schools, and students move from Grade 7 to Upper School. A strong field is science, and there's "innovation lab" in the school. Outside of school, we are particularly strong in tennis, and we also hold a sports academy to balance learning and training. They provide field trips for students, students go on a trip for a month in March and face learning that can only be done on site. There are two types of boarding programs, full-time and “5 days a week”, and most of the dormitories are international students.

School Details

  • Tennis Academy program

  • Ross STEAM Innovation Lab Certificate program

  • Flight (Career in aviation) program

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