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Our Savior New American School (OSNAS)

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High School

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    140 Mark Tree Rd, Centereach, NY 11721
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Our Savior New American School (OSNAS) is a private Christian school that offers a strong academic approach to education in grades pre K through 12th. Some of the distinctive features of the school are: the teaching with an evangelical Christian perspective, a strong Phonics program for reading, small classes, and orderly peaceful environment that is rooted in love of Our Savior Jesus Christ. Our Savior New American School was born out of a desire of a handful parents and educators to provide something better and unique for our children. After 2 decades of operation.
  • Year established: 1992

  • Grade level: Pre K - 12

  • SAT average score: SAT 1668

  • ESL: Yes

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    Accept Age Over 14 years old
  • AP calculus

  • AP chemistry

  • AP physics

  • AP History

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